Panama camp, Chiriqui April 2015.

In the last camp of Chiriqui we had such a positive experience that we decided to open a branch office here.

First of all our players make exercises with cones, flags and various obstacles. This will train the muscles in places where there is more risk of injuries, to prevent them during games.


Excercises to prevent injuries during the match, by fortifying special areas in different muscles.


Every game is monitored by specialized trainers who give each player high level player tips, make tactics and show moves which makes the player become more accurate.


At the end of the game the players will go stretching, to dissolve all the lactic acid from their muscles. Secondly they will be given individual and group tips to take into account for future games and error corrections from the the last game played, detected by players with extensive experience in professional soccer.


Players who received awards and scholarships in the camp of Chiriqui (April 2015): Didacio Polanco and Johan Fonseca, Diego Beck & Carlos Arango.

award certificate

Aldo Aversa, Chito Gonzalez & Carlos Manuel Brauchle Ricoy:
They won free accommodation in the spectacular tournament Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup October 2015!
Congratulations guys!!


Thanks Soccer Demilio!